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This page is dedicated to all our free tools (which are either licensed under GPL or LPGL),
but you'll also find our papers, documentations and presentations here.
Currently we just have the progress tool online but there's more to come – stay tuned!

[tool] progress

Ever wished to see how long it takes MySQL to import a big dump?
Curious whether GnuPG finishes encrypting your 4GB file within this century?

Then progress might be the tool of your choice. It reads in a file given as parameter
and prints progress information to STDERR while it outputs the file itself to STDOUT.
progress also supports gzipped files (extracts them automatically).

An example:

# progress --max-load=3 really-big-dump.sql.gz | mysql -D mydb -u myuser
progress: 00:00 -- really-big-dump.sql.gz -- starting (5368342015 bytes)...
progress: 00:03 -- really-big-dump.sql.gz --   1.0% (12.1 MB/s) -- ETA 06:59
progress: 00:10 -- really-big-dump.sql.gz --   2.0% (10.2 MB/s) -- ETA 08:13
progress: 00:18 -- really-big-dump.sql.gz --   3.0% (7.9 MB/s) -- ETA 10:31
progress: 00:18 -- really-big-dump.sql.gz -- cpu load exceeded (3.06), sleeping for 5 seconds
progress: 00:23 -- really-big-dump.sql.gz -- cpu load exceeded (3.02), sleeping for 5 seconds
progress: 01:31 -- really-big-dump.sql.gz --   4.0% (4.2 MB/s) -- ETA 17:10
progress: 01:33 -- really-big-dump.sql.gz --   5.0% (4.2 MB/s) -- ETA 16:57
progress: 01:35 -- really-big-dump.sql.gz --   6.0% (4.5 MB/s) -- ETA 15:44
progress: 01:41 -- really-big-dump.sql.gz --   7.0% (4.9 MB/s) -- ETA 15:14
progress: 17:13 -- really-big-dump.sql.gz -- finished.

Download progress 0.7 (Source, Debian packages and Windows® binary package).

[doc] PERC5/i cheat sheet

The PERC5/i is a hardware RAID controller manufactured by LSI Logic for DELL.
Unfortunately the management tool suitable for this controller (called MegaCli) is what
some people call a "hacker tool" -- not very self-explaining. And even the manual gives
you very limited information...

Well, to make a long story short: In case of emergency you shouldn't find yourself
digging the net for valuable hints on how to operate the PERC5!

Go to the PERC5/i cheat sheet (Version 1.3, 2008-05-20).

[paper & presentation] Spam and SPIT (german)

Today Spam is mainly associated with e-mail, but the more VoIP/SIP clients and providers there
are, the more spammers will try to "infiltrate" this new and easy way of communication.

The papers does not only gives an overview of the current situation but also discusses
which countermeasurements could be taken to reduce Spam.

Download paper (2007-06-17).
Download presentation (2007-07-06).

[presentation] Websecurity (german)

Security is not a feature you add to your software once you're ready! Security is a
way of thinking and planing your application which is extremly critical when you're
running you're application on the net exposed to the public, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

This presentation shows you the TOP 10 pitfalls (as of December 2006).

Download presentation (2006-12-22).

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